Amazon Glitchwatch: The British Library Comics Unmasked – When The Hardcover Is Cheaper Than The Paperback


Last night I bought the British Library Comics Unmasked: Art And Anarchy exhibition book from the library bookstore. Along with the Jamie Hewlett T-Shirt. They are great. More on that later, and also what I was doing there so late.

I later discovered that the hardcover version, retailing for £35, could be bought for much less at Amazon. That's okay, I have my copy now and I can get it signed by a bunch of folks at another British Library event tonight.

But on it is currently retailing for 52% off at £16.75. That's 52% off, with free UK postage. US postage adds £6.98 for one copy, totalling £23.73, still a discount on what the US price will be when it eventually is available there.

The paperback version, retailing for £25, is discounted by Amazon to… £24.47.

There's a mistake somewhere, it will soon get sorted out, but the hardcover currently sells for less than it costs comic shops and bookstores to order it. So this might be one for retailers to stock up on. Even with the international postage.

The book is absolutely splendid of course and a bargain at the full price. Reflecting the exhibition, it curates the concept of the comic book by theme analysing the journey that comics has taken and is going, is full of new information and newly discovered artefacts and is one of the more cultural significant pieces of comic book journalism and celebration I've seen in recent years.

Oh and it has a Jamie Hewlett cover. And is currently 52% off until Amazon realise their mistake…


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