Frank Thorne’s Red Sonja – The Most Expensive Digital Comic Ever?

Dynamite are publishing their own version of the Scott Dunbier and IDW’s Artists Edition format to publish comics that look as much like as the original art as possible. Thick card pages, oversized, it’s the closest to having the original art boards without having to spend huge amounts of money. Naturally these books are still very expensive, generally $100-$150, because of the format.

Dynamite tell us however that there was a mix up with the shipment of the Frank Thorne Red Sonja Art Edition and some even more expensive signed copies were shipped and filled unsigned orders. Publisher Nick Barrucci says

“It would be great if anyone who received the Signed Editions would let us know so that we can figure out how to fix this in the future.  We don’t expect anyone who received a signed edition to send them back in, and we’re happy that some retailers and fans will have an unexpected bonus.”

It’s not the only potential error regarding this book however.

Dynamite published the Frank Thorne Red Sonja Art Edition for $149.99 (less on Amazon).

They have also put it on ComiXology. Where they are still charging $149.99, despite it being in pixels and not being oversized or on expensive card..

It’s probably a mistake, but they do have the honour of having the most expensive digital comic in existence. 121 pages long, it’s over $1 per digital page… for now.

red sonja


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