Wolverine’s Hair IS His Mutant Power After All…

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From the opening scene of today’s Wolverine & The X-Men… Genesis makes a case that might have some wide reaching implications.


He’s talking about Wolverine’s body, being repaired by his healing factor (when it’s working) into an image that he subconsciously wills.

But he also said “hair stylist”. What if that is more than a metaphor? And I don’t mean that as well as a headmaster, hired assassin, poker player, peace negotiator in Madripoor and bar stool, he is also working in a salon.

No, I’m talking about Wolverine’s hair.


What if that’s what’s been going on all these years? Hair that looks like his cowl mask? What if he just wants it to go that way? And, healing factor on full, it does? And then… stops rather than growing down his back and over his face.

Is Wolverine a mini-Medusa?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London,. Currently running the Cult exhibition…

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