Elevator Pitch: What Heroes Do You Want To See On The Silver Screen? Teen Titans!

By Gary Turner


Again! Good feedback on our Dr. Strange pitch last week. Glad to see you guys were really feeling the scary movie idea for Marvel’s next genre.

For the most part I think everyone is seeing a great deal of their childhood heroes finally being brought to life by Marvel in some quality ways. They’ve really improved my faith in their abilities since the 80s & 90s. But the house of the “S” and the bat seems to be lagging into the distance as of late. At this point it’s probably a good idea if they didn’t try to shadow what their competition has been doing. Go for the unexpected. What if instead of doing an Avengers style movie they went for their young readers audience? Warner Bros. & DC could surpass the Hunger Games & Divergent if done well.

Take a deep breath. It’s going to take a lot to bring titans together.



Fade in on a young dark-haired girl, Rachel Roth, sits in the back of a classroom. She’s wistfully watching another student named Grayson. She’s been a wallflower for most of her life, but as of late she’s started to “feel” things differently. And there’s something about this teen boy that she “feels” is very different.

Snap to flash-cuts of a home invasion. A swat team is taking Rachel away. Just as we see the black bag go over her head her eyes turn white and she is clubbed unconscious. More quick flashes, and news articles about a spate of runaways, plus a PSA about calling a help line instead of life on the streets.

Standing over photos of missing teens in a cave we see Dick Grayson looking frustrated. Time passes. The cave changes with the passage of time, and Dick fades from the picture. Robin’s costume hangs in a case.

We transition to night in a darkened alley. Where else would you expect to find Nightwing. He’s watching patrolmen on the adjacent street. He knows some of them are crooked. He is angry and determined. Nightwing leaves the alley to remain in sight of his target. What he doesn’t realize is that there were also police in the alley watching him. It is a trap. Just as the corrupted cops are about to sneak up on our vigilante we see an ebony cloud erupt out of the shadows in the alley. Then a slender arm reaches out from the dark, pleadingly towards Dick. The cops see this as well and spring on her.

Nightwing hears screams from the alley, and pivots back. But these are screams of men. By the time the clouds part we see two officers down with looks of fear on their faces and blackened eyes, plus a girl in a jump suit prone next to them. She has medical monitoring tags all over her.

Cut to a hospital. The two officers are catatonic. The unknown girl is under heavy guard, clearly terrified, and shackled. Nightwing vaguely remembers her from school. He sneaks in through her window. She tells him of her abduction. That she’s not alone. Her and others with powers were being held deep and far away. Rachel couldn’t escape without some emotional anchor to her past. Only when she could feel Dicks anger was she able to lock onto a his space to shadow step. Nightwing wants to know where the others are, but she really doesn’t know. She only knows that they were far removed from anyone not a part of the Culling.

The Culling is very mortal experiment crafted to enhance powers. Do so or perish. As much as it pains him to admit Nightwing realizes their situation requires big guns. But then a darkness comes over Rachel’s face. Something’s wrong. She can feel Victor is in peril this very moment. Their window of rescue is shrinking. Just as he’s about to reach out to the League they hear many heavy footfalls coming down the corridor. The door bursts open and troops storm into the room. But all these troopers see is ebony smoke dissipating.

Raven has snatched Nightwing away to Harvest’s facility deep underground. In spite of his own peril from heavily armored android sentries, Cyborg is even more upset to see her return. He thought she was going for help. But now Raven’s sole anchor to the outside world is standing with them. They no longer have the needed connection to teleport out.

Through the chaos of a subterranean conflict they confront other empowered beings fighting for their own existence, like the green Beast Boy Gar, and the brother sister team of Terra and Jericho. All while being hunted by those that seek to please Harvest and his lieutenant, Deathstroke. Along the way they discover that one of the ways this facility has gone undetected is because of a bargained for Tamaranean power source. Dismantle that and they may be able to find the exit.




I opted to meld some the classic storylines with the more modern New 52 stuffs. Growing up on Marv Wolfman’s Titans is my biggest influence. Hence the inclusion of Terra, Jericho, and Deathstroke. Granted I haven’t been following the series Arrow. This take would be separate from their existing series.

I also opted to do a tried-and-true love triangle. Raven harbors unrequited feelings for Dick, which he’s blissfully unaware. When they uncouple the Culling’s power source and find Starfire is the battery things get awkward within the team.

Now about Koriand’r. I’m not keen on the current sex pot offering. I do agree with many that the 2 million viewers of the cartoon series would be grossly disappointed if they got that on the big screen. Starfire can be sexy, but she shouldn’t be a bimbo. This is a being of royal birth betrayed by her sister and sold into slavery. That’s the sort heinous stuff you’d see in Game of Thrones. Starfire should be one mega-ticked of extraterrestrial. She can be passionate about these “locals” that rescued her, and come to embrace a sense of humanity, but she’s not the submitting type.

We should also bring loads of humor to the feature. Let’s make it enjoyable for the teens who do plunk down $9-$14. Even though the plot line is very grave, serious stuff we are talking about a pack of teens. Counter the seriousness with levity when possible.


Believe it or not it’s difficult to cast young actors these days. Weird to say. Maybe I’m not watching the right shows anymore. So I gathered here for your review my picks for Titans, some teens, and some not so much. We’ll have a bit of a mix to play with. Of course I’d love to read who you think would be good to add to the mix. Plus who’d you go for for the parts of Deathstroke, Terra, and Jericho.



YOU tell me! Do try to pick at least one from the list. If you do shout out five characters be sure that you say which one you’d want to see most. Plus we’re always game for good ideas! What’s your thoughts on how you’d like to see your favorite treated?

So answer in the comments, FB message, or email me not only which from the list below, but also how you see it coming together. All votes from previous weeks still add up going forward.

  • Wonder Woman
  • Silver Surfer
  • Black Panther
  • Batman
  • X-Men
  • Power  Man / Iron Fist
  • Green Lantern: John Stewart
  • Ghost Rider

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