Red Dwarf Series XI To Start Filming This October, Air Autumn 2015‏

red dwarf cast

According to What Culture, who seem to have been at Sci-Fi Scarborough last weekend, the next series of Red Dwarf is to go before cameras in October. Dave will then air the episodes in the autumn of 2015.

It seems that everybody will be present and correct, and the scripts will once again be written by Doug Naylor. Meanwhile, his new pilot, Over to Bill, will air as part of the BBC’s Comedy Showcase this spring. It stars Hugh Dennis as Bill Onion, sometime weatherman who gets fired for a gag about the North-South divide. Neil Morrisey and Tracy-Ann Oberman are also in the cast.

If the Red Dwarf pattern follows what happened last time, you can expect tickets to go up for grabs in August or September. They’ll go fast too, I’m sure, but I’ll do my best to swiftly point out when the ticketing process kicks off. I know there are a lot of fans of the show in the Bleeding Cool readership.