Goonies 2 And Gremlins Remake Both Promised. Or Threatened, Your Call

goonies sequelStraight from the horses mouth: director Richard Donner has told TMZ that the long-discussed sequel to The Goonies will be going ahead, he's involved and the he hopes to get the original cast back.

I would suppose that's as good a source as we might hope for. Jeff Sneider at The Wrap is rather sceptical, calling the film "as likely as Titanic 2."

Well, if we're counting Titanic II, with Roman numerals, then maybe Sneider's trying to call this a dead cert. That film came out in 2010.

During their coverage of the Goonies 2, Ain't It Cool slipped in an extra little nugget – or, as some might say, buried the lede. According to their story, Warner Bros. not only have Goonies 2 cooking but a remake of Gremlins.

I'd be tempted rather more by another Gremlins sequel, I think, with Joe Dante back at the helm. And I think I'd like to see some practical Gremlins too, instead of an all-CG pixelfest.

There's just something about puppets I like, I suppose.