When A CGC’d Comic Goes From Unrestored To Restored… And Back Again

CGC has become an integral part of the comic collecting business today. A service that gives numerical values to the condition of a comic book from .5 to 10.0, then encases them in a transparent slab, preserving their condition as graded. It gives buyers, especially remote ones, confidence in the condition of a comic book they are buying and, as a result, can increase the price of a book significantly.

They also take a hard line on the restoration of comic books, noting when people have attempted to better the condition of books through artificial changes. This can include trimming comics to remove untidy edges, colouring in creases or spots and many more techniques. That gains a slabbed book a purple label, colloquially the Purple Label Of Doom that indicates that, at some point, the comic in question has been restored.

There has also been some disquiet about comics, once slabbed as having no restoration, are then sent back for grading again, only to find that they are now labelled as having been restored.

One such collector in this situation, that we covered before, has had a new twist to his story. He writes,

– I sent in 2 books to CGC. One was a Journey into Mystery 83 that was previously graded 6.0 Universal by CGC

– It came back a 7.0 Restored – Top Edge Trimmed


– I called CGC and after much complaining, Harshen agreed to re-look at the book

– Harshen claimed everyone in the building with grading credibility looked at the book, and EVERYONE agreed it was trimmed. He couldn’t find anyone to disagree.

– They did what they could to try and make it right, but si

nce I sent the book in OUT of the slab, they couldn’t do anything financially. Still I was satisfied with the resolution, because at least they made an attempt

So I sold the book restored, and the new owner re-subbed it, and here’s what he got back….


Unrestored, blue label again. Heh…

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