Those Were The April Fools That Were…

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Well, we had a few. Scorched Earth Star Wars, Marvel NOW Miracleman, Panelizer AppDC’s Full Survey and Muppets In CG … but the rest were real. Sorry Reddit.

Including Matt Fraction and son doing Adventure Time, and Dave Sim offering up Ultimate Cerebus, both very real. And happened yesterday.


We mentioned 20th Century Fox, Valiant and The Beano’s efforts this morning. But what else? Well Kickstarter changing its name back to Kickstartr to save memory and bandwidth saw a response from the Goldtiger Kickstarter.


The original artwork to the Fantastic Four #1 cover was discovered.


By the end of the ’70s in Italy superheroes were out of fashion among kids, and sales dropped. In 1984, Editoriale Corno closed down its offices and filed for bankruptcy. All the material still in its warehouse and archive was sold at auction to settle the debts, but raised little money. Most lots were sold as scrap paper while a few boxes went to some thrift and second hand stores.

Recently at a flea market in Cesano Boscone, near Milano, a comic book collector (who wishes to remain anonymous) bought for a few Euros a box stamped “Editoriale Corno” coming from that auction. Imagine his surprise when he opened the box: next to worthless material he found  the original penciled and inked cover ofThe Fantastic Four #1. He almost fainted.

There’s a new DLC game based on Caspar The Friendly Ghost in the works.

Fans of CoD and Casper The Friendly Ghost will be excited to hear Infinity Ward’s announcement that the lovable Casper will be part of the next DLC. The multiplayer-only DLC will come with four new maps (Wendy, Hot Stuff, Famous Studios and Gullible) and will tie into the Devastation DLC with the famous Predator thrown into the mix. Casper will be fully playable and customizable (in case you wanted to add camo to his ghostly exterior), has the ability to walk through walls (officially known as noclip) and comes with a special perk called Friendly where he can hug enemies to death.

Cern changed its typeface to Comic Sans, stating,

CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer ensured the success of the project by declaring the work “5 sigma” – highest priority on the 5-point scale that particle physicists use to assign certainty to the choice of fonts.

And it all comes down to a moment of insight from Gianotti. “When preparing my Higgs presentation, at first, I had Georgia on my mind,” she says. “But when I saw the closely spaced, slightly squishy rounded characters in my drop-down menu, I knew in my heart that Comic Sans was the right way to go.”

Fetch PR announced Catfurnado.


This comic book is on its way…


There was the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge, Nester joins Super Smash Bros, Pirate Bay projecting pirated films straight to the retina, EZTV changing to look like Google, Sega announced the MEGAne Drive.


Leaked end credits from the upcoming third Hobbit movie. It gets really fantastic if you let it “live” as “long” as one minute eight seconds “and”… er… “prosper.”

Optimus Prime is in Titanfall. The Sonic Retro’s forums have gone 2006. Capcom redesigned Rockman X.


How about Kevin Hart as the voice of Snoopy in the new Peanuts movie? Or Mads Mikkelsen as Hans Gruber in a Die Hard prequel?

There’s a new Flux Capacitor inspired car charger.

Blizzard announces the new StarCraft 2 expansion saying “It can be played backwards, forwards, with any mission in any order, or not played at all, while still delivering the exact same life-affirming storyline.”   Blizzard are making a fighting game, so they need this –  and showing off the new Female Draenei model.


 A Killzone movie from Tim Burton…


Or Star Trek 3 is to be directed by Michael Bay.

Our friends at Film Divider (literally friends, as in we go to the pub with them and everything) found a prank addition to the Netflix catalogue.


And Redbox were just silly.

redbox mood match

So what else have you seen…?

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