Maybe Peter Mayhew Will Be Back To Play Chewbacca Again After All‏


All evidence here is circumstantial but it’s a nice possibility and I think some Bleeding Cool readers will be rather heartened to hear it.

Peter Mayhew, the man who was Chewbacca, has apparently pulled out of a Con appearance due to filming commitments. Here’s the tweet that gave the game away:

So there’s no indication at all what he might be filming but look at his IMDB page yourself and see what conclusions you come to.

Mayhew was invalided recently while recovering from surgery. If this tweet is an indication that he’s better, that’s great. If he’s in Star Wars: Episode VII too, that’s gravy. Or a cherry on top. Or cherry gravy.

Which doesn’t sound very nice, actually, so not that.

Episode VII will officially start filming at Pinewood here in the UK this May. Surely some sort of cast announcement can’t be too far away now? Would be lovely to see Mayhew’s name on there alongside Hamill, Fisher, Ford and Daniels.