From Out Of Nowhere, Phantasm 5 - And Here's Its Poster

From Out Of Nowhere, Phantasm 5 – And Here’s Its Poster

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Don Coscarelli‘s Phantasm films are amongst the most idiosyncratic, memorable and, to be blunt, off-the-wall horror films in the canon. They trade in unsettling, inscrutable ‘bad dreams’ imagery that rivals, and arguably exceeds, that of Nightmare on Elm Street.

For a very long time Coscarelli has talked about the possibility of a fifth instalment and now, flying in like a nightmare silver sphere from out of the blue, a poster has arrived. What’s more, the film is rumoured to be already in the can.

Here’s the first sheet for Phantasm Ravager.

phantasm ravager

According to Aint It Cool, this is completely legit. Where did they get it? Who made it? Well, I guess Coscarelli is the engine here, and I’ll trust he knows where he’s driving us.

The most surprising thing is Shock Till You Drop‘s report that the film has already been shot. Could a trailer be imminent? When will we actually get to see this film?

Hopefully the mystery marketing will lead to some real info and soon. First question I want answered: will Angus Scrimm be back? He’s 87 now and I don’t know anything about his health. Actually, a new question has moved to the top of my list: is Angus Scrimm doing okay?

And Reggie Bannister? Shock do say “the whole gang” will be in the film. Wow.

Here’s a trailer for the original Phantasm.


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