Rumour: Casting Underway For Live-Action Star Wars TV Shows‏

Star Wars classic banner

I don't know CineLinx at all, so let's consider this an untested rumour for now, but Slash Film have noticed a story at the site claiming that Disney are currently casting not only for Episode VII, but also TV specials and "even a mini-series!"

I expect that if this is true, some of the TV shows in question are the Darth Vader ones we heard about last year. At the time, they were due to land in "spring or summer" of 2014 and that… well, that doesn't seem to be likely. Not any more.

If the report is true I don't think these shows will be shot in the UK like Episode VII. I've asked a couple of individuals involved in the casting biz over here, folk who immediately knew when Episode VII casting kicked off on these shores, and they didn't know anything about this at all.

So it's either nonsense, I'm being fibbed to or wires are getting crossed. Or all of the above.

Exciting stuff this Star Wars rumourmongering, isn't it?