Rumour: Another “Original Mutant” Has Filmed A Cameo For Days Of Future Past‏


Word was that Kelsey Grammer wasn’t going to reprise the role of Beast, or perhaps now “Adult Beast,” for X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but things may have changed.


According to Showbiz Spy, Grammer stepped in for a quick shoot during post production, giving Bryan Singer just a little Big Beast to slip in for the finished movie.

Or perhaps this is just piffle and hot air. If Singer stays quiet on Twitter, treat it as a fact.

Anyway, I’m sceptical. Very. Largely because I have a hard time thinking Bryan Singer would want Kelsey Grammer anywhere near his film. But we’ll see.

Another full trailer for Days of Future past is due next Monday. I’ll be sure to deliver it to you as promptly as possible.