Captain America’s To-Do List… Or At Least One Version Of It‏

During the pre-release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, UK audiences were asked to vote for different pop culture artefacts, from famous faces to TV shows, that would then be smuggled into the movie.

When I saw the film last week, I think I’m allowed to say, none of the voting options appeared in the scene in question. It’s like we were completely ignored.

Last night, when the ten-minute excerpt from the film dropped, I should have thought to take another look at the list. I didn’t, but one Reddit user did.

And here it is.


I’m thinking that the UK release version will show a different page. That might take a little longer to find it’s way onto the web.

Anyway, I suppose we’re supposed to read the strikethrough as meaning that Steve got right on with Star Wars, not that he’s deleted it from his list? If this weren’t another Disney movie I might not have been so sure.