Disney And Pixar Announce The Incredibles 2 And Cars 3‏ – UPDATED


This is going to make a lot of people very happy. One of Pixar’s finest is getting a new sequel.

That’s right. Cars 3 is on the way. The studio will also be tossing out Incredibles 2. Don’t know who’s going to care too much about that, except toy store owners.

Okay, maybe I’ve gotten my wires crossed.

In all honesty, I’m excited about any new Pixar film and I’m not going to dismiss a Cars 3 out of hand. It’s not like I don’t enjoy the first two, either. As much as The Incredibles? Okay, no. But enough.

Robert Iger gave word of both sequels during an investor’s conference call this afternoon. He didn’t say who would be directing either picture, but a lot of folk will be assuming Brad Bird will be back for the Incredibles sequel.

Or maybe it will be Teddy Newton

UPDATE: Iger also said that Brad Bird is working on the film’s story now. I guess it is likely to be him directing, then…?

Anyway, official word of the creatives involved will be along soon, I hope. I’d also expect some release dates, at least temporary ones. [Disney]