The Look Of London Super Comic Con… 143 Shots Of Booths And Creators

Whether it be Charlie Adlard being attacked by zombies at A Place In Apace, Dan Slott’s impressive beard making its UK debut, Katie Cook’s line being as long in the UK as in the US, the impact that is Jonathan Ross striding through the show, David Hine’s signed-script-and-signed-comic combo, Max Books madness all over the place this was one fine London Super Comic Con from its first day. Talking to folk, people had been spending lots of cash, there was some concern over slower periods, but it seems that the convention breathed people in and out of panels, creating an ebb and flow through the day. Which meant people could get access to even the busiest of creators, depending on when they turned up – even if there were mad crowds at others.

For me, it was all about catching up with friends on the Satiurday. Meeting new people and getting the lay of the land. Sunday? I have to BUY BUY BUY!

Here are some of the things I’ll be heading back to today…

The bar was where it all happened in the evening as well of course, with the Americans and the Brits dancing the special relationship of flirtation as traditions of chugging and pint glass building nicely segued into each other.


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