Titan Confirms No Doctor Who Comics For The UK… Yet

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I’m at the Diamond Retailer Day at the Aloft Hotel in London’s Docklands, ahead of tomorrow’s London Super Comic Con.

It kicks off in an hour, but I just bumped into Titan Comics folks in the bar. They confirmed to be the news I’d had from BBC America, that Titan Comics, despite being based in Britain, publishing a British licensed comic, from British comic book creators, will not be available in print in Britain. At least not officially. Panini continue to own the UK license, for the monthly Doctor Who Magazine and spinoffs.

As with IDW, British comic book retailers will be able to do deals with US stores to subdistribute comics to the UK at a later date, but Titan will not be able to distribute to the UK directly or through Diamond Comic Distributors.

And that’s the way it is. For now. Rumours that have been running that Titan are buying Doctor Who Magazine for the license are false, though it was discussed. However, Titan do intent to continue talking to the BBC to see if something can be arranged for the UK.

The comics are printed in China, so its not like they’ll be printed in Britain and not allowed to be sold here. But Titan expect big things…

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