Green Team, Teen Trillionaires Starts To Heat Up On eBay

Green Team, Teen Trillionaires Starts To Heat Up On eBay

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Green Team, Teen Trillionaires launched from DC Comics last year. Its sales were not good. It was the worst selling New 52 book and by the end it dropped off the Top 300 sales list.

But it was actually a decent comic book and it ended with one hell of a twist hat I understand will be followed up on by Teen Titans.

Some people considered buying the collection. But it seems orders on that were so low, that DC cancelled the collection outright, the first. Of course, the issues are available digitally. And in print you could pick issues up for less than a dollar each without difficulty. You could buy pages of original art for less than ten dollars. The cover for $33.

Since yesterday, that’s suddenly changing. All eight issues are now sold for $25, above cover price for the first time in ages. Copies put up at low prices are being snapped up.

Slowly, people are starting to realise, that id they do want to read this comic book, then this is the only way. And if there is any demand, then supply is going to be exhausted rather quickly. Because Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #1-#8? The rarest New 52 comic book to date…



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