The Agent Carter TV Show Will Have A Very Particular Format If The Screenwriters Get Their Way


During their junket sessions for Captain America: The WInter Soldier, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have been also fielding questions about their work on the in-development Agent Carter TV show.

As well as telling Collider that they’ve filed a pilot script but Marvel and ABC have yet to fire the starting pistol, they also give away some specifics of how the show will shake out.

On the one hand, there’s the promise that the show will be designed to develop in something like real time. This would mean, for example, a first season arc set in 1946, all building to one resolution, and then, in year two, they’d pick up in 1947 and tell a different story there.

But then there’s also the plan to produce just thirteen episodes per season, “maybe even less…”

To allow Hayley Atwell to fit the show in around the theatre and film work she wants to do? I’d imagine so, but nobody makes it explicit.

Meanwhile, we’d have to expect Dominic Cooper, if he signs on, to reprise Howard Stark in fewer episodes.

I don’t have any issues with shorter, more concentrated seasons – I’m from the UK. Knowing this is the plan, however, I’m revising my expectations. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Agent Carter on TV this autumn. Should the show go ahead, and I’ll bet it does, then I think it will be in the New Year.

Either way, I’m intrigued. The Agent Carter short is not my favourite of the One Shots but a period SHIELD show has promise, Atwell’s got chops and Marvel tend to do more things right than wrong. I’m rooting for this one.