New Orphan Black Clone Revealed


A new clone is in town, and EW has the first look at Tatiana Maslany’s latest transformative Orphan Black performance.

We meet Jennifer Fitzsimmons in season 2, and as the photo above and video below shows, she’s in pretty dire straits, not unlike the German clone, Katjia, we met briefly in season one and where many fear Cosima is headed for in the near future.

Most intriguing in her “video diary”? Jennifer may be connected to the larger conspiracy of Neolution: “Every week the Dyad tries a new treatment. Nothing works. I’m just getting sicker,” she says. “Dr. Leekie said he can help, but he lied.”

Oooooh. Looks like Jennifer may not be long for this world.

Orphan Black returns for season 2 on BBC America on Saturday, April 19th.

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