Today’s Walking Dead’s Cliffhanger Is All You’ll Be Talking About For The Next Two Weeks (UPDATE)

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w1It is most definitely all-out war in today’s The Walking Dead. Wherever you look there is war. War, war, war. They should call it The Warring Dead.

Negan’s forces, assaulting Rick’s forces. People die. You’ll be expecting that.


People make decisions, over which side they are on. You’ll be expecting that too.

What you might not be expecting is the ending. I wasn’t. As I was reading, I was clear in my mind as to where this was leading up.

And then… something else happened.


If you’re a Walking Dead fan like I am, it may obsess your mind for the next two weeks until the next issue. It has already started.

There is one way out that I can see. Of course, explaining it would reveal the cliffhanger ending.

So I am enacting Dan Slott Protocols. A gradual building of spoilers through the day, updating this article, discussing as we go.

But for now, for those lucky enough to have picked up a copy this morning, hidden in the white text that follows, I’m thinking “pick an arrow, any arrow…”

SPOILER UPDATE x1: Time to weaponise those zombies… say remember when the Crossed wanked on bullets?


Sorry, what was I thinking, revisit that spoiler line, “Pick a bolt, any bolt…”

SPOILER UPDATE x2: Time to choose sides?




Zombie Rick? Or a switched bolt?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who will be setting up stall at London Super Comic Con this weekend, with Garry Leach, Pete Hogan and Yanick Paquette in tow!


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