Security, Liberty And The Marvel Universe – Secret Avengers, X-Force And X-Men Legacy

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From today’s Secret Avengers. Which does, as we’d hoped, feature Fury against Fury. Though it’s not quite the Fury we remember…


First, yes everyone’s naked, second SHIELD hacked NSA so they know everything, and in the Marvel Universe, Ed Snowden would have been spilling secrets about Nick Fury to the world and would be hanging out in Madripoor. Or Genosha. Or some such. And would have been telepathically lobotomised.

Because there’s not much freedom in the Marvel Universe. Let’s check in with X-Force #2.


But there’s one person’s privacy that none of the security forces can invade. Immune from the NSA, SHIELD, CIA, GCHQ, AIM and the Kremlin. Over in X-Men Legacy #200, we get a very special story, resonant with the time period reflected in the comic, about a mutant member of the X-Men who has been a member of the team and the school all along, but no one realised. Because, like Doctor Who‘s Silence or Temps‘ Invisible Man, everyone just forgets about him when they look away… but he’s always been an asset to the team.


And this is his story. It’s an instant classic. Make sure you get your copy…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who will be setting up stall at London Super Comic Con this weekend, with Garry Leach, Pete Hogan and Yanick Paquette in tow!



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