Lego Sequel Books One Of The First Film’s Three Directors‏

Lego Video Bonanza: Meet Bruce Wayne, Go Behind The Bricks, Indulge In Oodles Of Clips‏

Though top-billed directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be taking “just” producer credits on the Lego Movie sequel, Deadline have learned that their collaborator Chris McKay will be stepping up and into the spotlight as the film’s chief director.

McKay’s obviously spent a lot of time thinking about this particular Lego world, its tone and how it all clicks together – if I may – but he’s also got a lot of relevant experience from his work on Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum.

I’d like to think that a Lego sequel could be at least a half as satisfying as the first film but I’ll settle for a third. Michelle Morgan and Jared Stern are currently at work on the screenplay, and Warner Bros. have marked out a May 16th 2017 release date. It’s a long time for me to cross my fingers, but I’ll do it.