Big Bang Theory Gets The Biggest Renewal In TV History As CBS Book It In For Three More Years

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Rich called it “the show that hates you,” but for CBS, it’s the show they love above all others.

Apparently confident that audiences will accept three more years of Big Bang Theory, CBS have renewed their flagship sitcom through to 2017.

Amazing. That’ll be a total of ten seasons, assuming they don’t then go on any longer. Not quite up to Cheers at 11, My Three Sons at 12, or Ozzie and Harriet, at 14, and way short of The Simpsons at 25, but still a notable score.

I’ve not seen ten episodes of the show, let alone ten seasons, but I understand that it is popular.

According to Variety:

Financial details of the renewal were unclear, but CBS is undoubtedly covering all production costs on the series as well as adding a premium on top given that “Big Bang” is such a ratings dynamo.

I should hope so too. Anything that Warner Bros. then pick up from syndication, overseas and sales will just be gravy.

Lots and lots of gravy.

Now, remind me: do the Bleeding Cool readership hate this show or not?

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