A Shortlist Of Actors For Star Wars Episode VII's Good Boy Jedi Hero

A Shortlist Of Actors For Star Wars Episode VII’s Good Boy Jedi Hero

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star_wars_logo_640_large_verge_medium_landscapeIf Variety‘s intel is correct, the lead of Star Wars Episode VII is a young male Jedi and he’s not amongst the offspring of Luke, Leia or Han Solo.

One giveaway that he’s not a child of the big three is that John Boyega and Ray Fisher are amongst the casting shortlist. Boyega, who was fantastic in Attack the Block, and Fisher, who has played Mohammed Ali to some acclaim, are both black. The Skywalkers and Solo are not.

Other actors on the list include Jesse Plemons, who we’d heard about before,  Ed Speleers and Matthew James Thomas.

When I had some sort of handle on Star Wars casting, before the rewrites, the lead character was definitely a young female, and she was definitely part of the “next generation” bloodlines. At the same time, she wasn’t an EU character exactly as we knew them from other media…

According to Variety’s report, the Solo and Skywalker kids will apparently still have roles in the Episode VII story, just smaller ones. It remains to be seen if these will be the same Solo and Skywalker kids we’ve known from the books or if a lot of rewiring, maybe even renaming, has taken place.

Right, so I’m rooting for Boyega in this. He’s very good.

In fact, if you told me some unnamed film with John Boyega facing off against Adam Driver was coming out next Christmas I’d be far more excited than if you simply pitched me a Star Wars sequel.

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