A Proper, Meaty Look Behind The Scenes Of New Medieval Actioner, Ironclad: Battle For Blood

Posted by March 12, 2014 Comment

New releases are often prefigured by little video featurettes these days, but this Ironclad: Battle For Blood promo is pretty much the meatiest I’ve seen a long time. Lots of the cast get a look in, and some of the crew too, and we even get to see director Jonathan English mid-direction, so that we might get a sense of his mettle.

One of the most noteworthy things about this film is that it’s actually a pretty small British production, and the results are hard won. That’s all interesting to see in action. And the film’s co-writer, Stephen McDool, pops up with some worthwhile commentary on the film’s violence, too.

Ironclad: Battle For Blood will be in UK cinemas from this Friday. It’s a Cineworld exclusive so check for your closest branch.

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