Run By The Gun - The Melding Of Comics And Music

Run By The Gun – The Melding Of Comics And Music

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Run By The Gun is a pretty ambitious project put together by two old friends. It’s a comic about a band put together by a musician and a photographer… and it’s also music.

RBG-Issue-1-Pg-1It’s the dream project of Zambia Greene and Rey Miranda. Greene has twenty years in the music industry having signed in 1988 as a songwriter with Sony/ATV Music. Miranda works as a director of photography/camera operator in the motion picture and television industries. The two have known each other since high school. Miranda would occasionally travel with Greene’s band doing photos of the gigs.

So what is the comic about?

“The series is the story about how the band came to be. It is an expose’ of what actually goes on within a band. Everyone thinks they know, but unless you’ve been in a band, a hungry, touring band determined to become pro in an age where gatekeepers to the industry had it set up like it was a retail situation, then you have only guesses – the realities are unacceptable to you.” – Zambia Greene

What about the music?

“It’s the music of the band. It is also the soundtrack to the project. I’d personally like to call it the music of early-gentrifying north Brooklyn. It comes from being in a broiling city on the edge of the water, and motivated by the punk/hardcore scene of the late 1990’s and the bands that populated that particular place and time.  This music to me is part of the new punk of an area that desperately craves to at least appear authentic. Old punks growing up, asking what’s the most real to and for them, sussing that out and immersing themselves in it. That sound, for us, very well may change as the project grows – but that’s what I see as being behind it so far.” – Zambie Greene

RBG-Issue-2-Pg-1What do people need to know before going into it?

“We want the readers and listeners to know that Zambia and I aren’t perfect. The stories may seem wild, filmic or somewhat ‘artistic,’ a little different from the average fare, the artwork may seem sometimes over the edge, the music perhaps questionable. We’re still learning about the business as a whole, but we’re also learning about RBG. This is as much a discovery for us as it is for the readers and listeners. But we’re always trying to make the greatest issue, story or music. We try our best to work with some of the most talented people out there, both in the comic book world and the music industry.” – Rey Miranda

The debut album, Songs From The Little Blue House, is available now on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon.RBG-1

The first issue of the comic is available now in ComiXology and ComicsPlus or free on their website.

Artist for issue one is Brian Hardison with issue two coming soon and art by Irene Strychalski and Meredith McClaren.

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