Kevin Smith Writes Batman ’66/Green Hornet Crossover For May With Ty Templeton And Ralph Garman

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1394502118000-XXX-BATMAN-GREEN-HORNET-COMICS-jy-3150-Kevin Smith and Batman mean one thing to some. A pivotal scene from Batman Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli being rewritten to have Batman piss himself on-panel.

I’m not sure if Kevin Smith will be bringing that to Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet. USA Today announces that it is launching as a bi-weekly digital comic in May and a print comic in June,  co-written with Ralph Garman and drawn by legend Ty Templeton.

After all it’s more in the style of the sixties TV show in which urine was rarely seen.

Kevin Smith has also written the Green Hornet for Dynamite of late, and the comic will act as a sequel to the Batman/Green Hornet meeting in the TV show, and will expand upon Batman and Green Hornet having gone to the same school together.

So who’s going to have their head flushed down the toilet then? But even though it will be suitable for kids, they know who it’s really aimed at.

“The core audience is adults like us, people who loved that show and grew up watching it and always dreamed of, ‘Oh, imagine if they had done one more season, there might have been another crossover with the Green Hornet and Kato.’ And so we got to do that.”

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