Hitman Action Comedy Black Phanton Set To Star Kevin Hart And Jamie Foxx‏


No doubt buoyant from the success of Ride Along, star Kevin Hart, director Tim Story and producer Will Packer are lining up another action comedy picture, Black Phantom, From the sounds of things, it’s going to be a tangled mess of double and triple crosses.

I’ll give you the simplified, Hollywood Reporter take on the plot premise:

a double-crossed mob hitman… enlists the help of the so-called Black Phantom, the same hitman who had been sent to kill him

Foxx would play the Black Phantom, I’d expect. That still leaves Kevin Hart as a mob hitman. A slightly ineffectual, out of his depth mob hitman? That would seem to be most likely.

Last time I heard of this project it was Justin Timberlake and not Kevin Hart in the lead role. The storyline sees that lead character taking the family of the Black Phantom hostage, thereby forcing him to change sides and hunt down the mob bosses who had booked his services in the first place.

I can only expect things will be reworked quite a bit to make the role fit Hart’s best-loved variety of schtick. My guess is that he’s the superstar here, the shape to which the story will be bent, and not the other way around.