Matt Hawkins And Linda Sejic’s Wildfire, Coming To A Fridge Near You In June

wildfireMatt Hawkins and Linda Sejic are creating a new comic for Image/Top Cow in June, Wildfire, a sci-fi tale of genetically modified food.

Dan Miller is a plant biologist working with a small team perfecting an accelerated plant growth process. When things start to go wrong, Los Angeles finds itself careening toward unforeseen disaster.

But Hawkins doesn’t want to appear biased.

Wildfire came out of an obsession I had researching genetically modified food. When I discovered that both pro and con are shamelessly lying and covering up facts I wanted to do something fun, but rooted in the core science of what they’re doing and the debate. This is basically a disaster story unlike any before!”

Basically, he’s against everyone.

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