In Praise Of… Chris Weston

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1601709_10203161834557319_1201282352_oChris Weston‘s feeling a bit under the weather right now.

Artist on Ministry Of Space, The Twelve, as well as a writer, I just thought it might be a good excuse to look at the quality of some of his recent commission work. And watch people’s jaws drop.


Well, you know. Every little helps.1617619_10203098719859491_2118104628_o BfBfnViCEAAVNrS Bes2f-PCQAEvLtt Bd5bJw5CIAAckEX BdUN-0hCcAA-clC Bb25EaiCAAA9qWA BThHoIzCEAA_llj BPOb3dlCEAE2o24 BMMf_2oCQAIvX8w BB9tQTpCUAADcTh  A9MjU_HCEAAE9SH

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