Telling The Kind Of Story You'll Remember For Years - Proper

Telling The Kind Of Story You’ll Remember For Years – Proper

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Dan and Dave Vandersteen write for Bleeding Cool:

After a world-shattering plague called The Cull wiped out much of humanity, the Proper Manufacturing Corporation took control in a series of bloody wars. Now, they control the remaining population with an iron fist. But everyone has skeletons in their closet, and Proper has sent Carver and his team to find theirs: a mysterious project known only as Horus that has the power to change everything. And the only one who can help them is Proper’s greatest enemy…

Proper is only another step in our quest to make awesome things. We’ve been making comics on the web for years, and had our own web show this past summer. But with Proper we want to do something special, something meaningful. We want to create an epic, not just another story. We want to tell the kind of story you will remember for years, where each new twist and turn will be as exciting as the last. And with your help, we can do something truly amazing.

This is our first Kickstarter, and we’re not asking for much. We’re offering some pretty cool rewards, and may add some more as the month progresses. But we want to add some extra incentives, so here’s a few good reasons to support us:

  • You’d be giving two young artists a chance to live out their dream of making amazing stuff for a living.

What, you want stuff? Fine:

  • Every person that donates $5 or more will be listed on a special Kickstater Thank-You page when the comic’s site launches.

  • If we reach half our goal (just half!) within the next week, we’ll release early concept art and character bios via a Kickstarter update

  • Can’t donate much but still want swag? Anyone who donates less than $10 will be entered into a draw to win a Proper T-Shirt anyways!

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something amazing. Need more proof? Check out the initial five-page intro arc here. If you like what you see, check us out on Kickstarter. And we’re always happy to answer any questions or respond to any comments, so tell us what you think!

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Has quietly been working at Bleeding Cool for over three years. He has written comics for Image, Top Cow, Shadowline, Avatar, IDW, Dynamite, Moonstone, Humanoids and Zenescope. He is the author of the Lucius Fogg series of novels and a published photographer.

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