Melksham Comic Con 2014 – The Expansion

Melksham Comic Con 2014 – The Expansion

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Kickstarter Project – Ends 5th April 2014

Hayley Spencer writes,

Last week, we (the team behind Melksham Comic Con) launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the 2014 convention, which has now been upgraded to a weekend event.

After a sold-out success in 2013, and numerous requests from attendees, we have taken the decision to change the convention from a one day affair to a weekend extravaganza, complete with expanded and extended panels and Q&A sessions, as well as a full-fledged cosplay competition.

To help fund this, our Kickstarter campaign is looking to secure at least £5,000, which will go towards the cost of the venue hire, and promotional printing (which has essentially doubled from last year’s costs), as well as fulfilling the various pledge rewards that are on offer.

We spent a long time thinking about how we could make our campaign video stand out from the crowd this year, and came up with the concept of a spoof charity appeal, detailing the struggles of the Brians (the collective term for MCC’s volunteer staff and us, the planning team members, who also work for free all year round) who might not have a convention to organise if funding cannot be found. Have a little look at the video on the page, if you laugh, or cry, then it’s got to be worth backing, right?

Kickstarter NOW LIVE Panel

We’ve also given our pledge rewards a bit of an upgrade. In addition to tickets to the convention being available, we’ve also got custom “SAVE A BRIAN” mugs, letters to pledgers from their “adopted Brians”, and a handy-dandy tote bag bearing the MCC logo (a vital bit of kit for you attendees to keep your stash of goodies in when the convention arrives!). Also available are exclusive art prints by artists and guests Lee Townsend and Nich Angell, as well as a great piece of original art by Ian Churchill (extremely limited to the tune of one piece only!).


For companies looking to provide sponsorships, there are rewards for advertising space in the convention programmes, as well as ad space on promotional materials, banners and the convention website.

As ever, the planning team and day staff involved are all volunteers, and take no payment for their time and hard work over the year. We are totally invested in making sure that every attendee has a good time at the convention, and give up our free time without pause to achieve that.


If you happen to have a few quid going spare this month, why not pledge it and help a small convention with big ideas get a little bigger?

If Bleeding Cool readers help us to reach our goal (drop us a line to say you pledged as a result of seeing this post!), we’ll film a special video just for you guys and send it out at the end of the project just to you! How about that? An exclusive Brian video!

For more information, you can email us on, find us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

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