The New Features Of The Marvel AR App – With Video From SXSW!

Posted by March 8, 2014 Comment

Regular readers at Bleeding Cool know that we enjoy the Marvel AR App, often filming it direct and shoving it on YouTube. Indeed Marvel execs have let it be known that they enjoy our coverage of the Marvel AR App as well – and complain when we miss a few weeks.

Well, at SXSW, Marvel announced some new updates to the App, which lets Marvel serve up multimedia content with your comics.

It’s faster. There’s more 3D stuff. And there’s an increase in the amount of contenbt being delivered. It has been noticed that some of that had dropped off, with some Marvel AR titles having nothing but a “story so far” feauture. Which is the DVD feature equivalent of having a chapter menu.

Anyway, he’s how it’s looking now…

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