Marvel To Announce Winter Soldier And Guardians Of The Galaxy Gaming Options At SXSW (UPDATE)

Marvel are at SXSW.



And some people have realised this,

grootIt looks like today, at the Your Universe panel at SXSW, Marvel will be announcing that the Avengers Alliance online game will get Captain America: Winter Soldier and Guardians Of The Galaxy upgrades.

"Players are going to get a chance to face Cap's enemies in a way that is unique to games," Jefferson said. "The missions features a great cast of characters longtime comic fans will know, and movie fans may just be getting introduced to like Captain America and Black Widow, or Viper and Baron Strucker. Each plays their role in The Winter Soldier's past and how he's being used in the present."

"You've got Groot, who is a massive tree and is very physical and monstrous like The Hulk," Jefferson said. "Rocket is going to pack a lot of heat with the array of guns he has available. You've got Gamora, an assassin and the deadliest woman in the known universe. Drax has a couple of big knives and is just as dangerous as Gamora. Then you have Star-Lord, the swashbuckler, who plays the lead role on the team. He'll have an array of abilities, he's pretty versatile."

But for Marvel's bigger news… we'll have to wait tomorrow.


The look of the panel:

Brian Bendis has turned up, virtually.

And we're getting a new Marvel AR App soon…

And Marvel's editor-in-chief Axel Alonso fails to reproduce Ellen DeGeneres' Twitter success.

More tech stuff… translation anyone?

Agent Coulson in the house.

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