J. Scott Campbell, Mike Norton, And Other Creators Contribute Art To Colorful Kickstarter

J. Scott Campbell, Mike Norton, And Other Creators Contribute Art To Colorful Kickstarter

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Brian Miller writes for Bleeding Cool:


My name is Brian Miller and I’m a comic book colorist. I want to share with you my new art-instruction book called Hi-Fi Color for Comics. The Kickstarter campaign runs through April 2nd with the finished book shipping to backers this November.

My dream is to teach you everything I know about comic book coloring. Let me show you how to color using Photoshop tutorials designed to showcase your creativity. Allow me to teach you the tips and techniques I use at Hi-Fi to color comics for Marvel, DC, & Image. Then I’ll guide you while you color artwork by industry pros and learn how to make stories come alive with the art of comic book coloring.

I meet a lot of aspiring comic book colorists at conventions review many of their portfolios. Some have amazing talent, and others have much to learn, but one common theme runs throughout, up and coming creators have a difficult time finding high quality professional artwork to color. Coloring low quality art is like trying to play a guitar with a broken string, you can do it but most people will not be thrilled by the results. To become a great colorist you need the opportunity to practice coloring great artwork. To help solve this problem I reached out to some friends in the comic book industry to contribute artwork to Hi-Fi Color for Comics and I’ve been blown away by the response.

How does professional black and white art help a colorist improve their skills? A comic pro has spent many years perfecting their craft. The anatomy of their figures will be correct, the light and shadow placement will help drive the story, and their use of thick thin lines and hatching will enhance the artwork. Coloring professional artwork helps you learn proper anatomy, good lighting habits, and strong visual storytelling skills. Great artwork creates a solid foundation for you to base your colors leading to better results from day one.


The tutorials in Hi-Fi Color for Comics will guide you step-by-step to color each project. You may learn how to create flat color selections with comic book pages by Katie Cook, or discover how to use light and shadow to create drama with sequential art by Tom Mandrake. See how special effects, like lightsabers, are created with Star Wars art by Joe Corroney, and learn how to color super-heroes with the amazing artwork of J. Scott Campbell. As you complete each of the projects in Hi-Fi Color for Comics you will learn valuable new Photoshop skills and achieve results you will be proud to show to friends and family.

Other talented creators including Kelley Jones, Craig Rousseau, Terry Moore, Phil Hester, Tom Nguyen, Steve Lightle, Mike Norton, John Byrne, Dan Jurgens, Joe Quesada, and more are contributing art to the project and this list is growing every day. Backers of Hi-Fi Color for Comics will receive special behind the scenes updates showcasing the art and illustrators behind Hi-Fi Color for Comics.

Hi-Fi Color for Comics will teach you how to transform black and white comic art into full color illustrations using step-by-step tutorials that guide you from start to finish. Hi-Fi’s creative coloring process eliminates many of the technical roadblocks saving you time and allowing you to focus on being creative. You will learn the tips and tricks used at Hi-Fi to color comic books for Marvel, DC, & Image.


Every copy of Hi-Fi Color for Comics comes with free enrollment in Hi-Fi Academy where you can download the artwork, color guides, and project files for each tutorial. You will also receive access to exclusive video tutorials and bonus content including Hi-Fi Helpers and Photoshop add-ons, including Hi-Fi’s scripts, actions, color palettes, and brush packs.

There are two versions of Hi-Fi Color for Comics, the print edition and the ComiXology edition for Mac/Win, iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows 8 devices. ComiXology is applying their Guide View technology to the step-by-step tutorials in Hi-Fi Color for Comics providing readers an easy way to navigate each lesson. The ComiXology edition makes a great companion to the print edition as you can carry it with you everywhere as a handy resource.

The Kickstarter campaign is off to a great start at over 50% funded in the first week. I need the help of every Bleeding Cool reader to push Hi-Fi Color for Comics over the top. As a Bleeding Cool readers you can get BOTH the print edition AND the ComiXology digital version plus an exclusive Superman & Booster gold print all for your pledge of $35 or more. I’m challenging Bleeding Cool readers to back Hi-Fi Color for Comics and help the campaign smash through the 75% funded mark this weekend. Together we can do it!


Hi-Fi Color for Comics


Brian Miller – hificolorforcomics.com




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