Those Futures End Revelations From Wednesday

Those Futures End Revelations From Wednesday

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Okay, so it was probably “Happy” and not “Hoppy”.


The revelation on Wednesday over what seem to be some key scenes from the final issues of the weekly series, Future’s End seem to have caused quite a flutter.

The Free Comic Book Day version shows a number of supercharacters controlled by the OMAC spy network of Brother Eye, with Wonder Woman doing a Ladytron cosplay in the foreground.

But in an image, sent to Bleeding Cool from the Future’s End writer’s room, keen eyes spotted more than was intended to be seen by us. That could reveal the very end of Future’s End, a year before publication.

So, you know, SPOILERS.


And, yes, it seems that a a result of the events in Future’s End #47 we will have a Happy Five Years Later, rather than a Marvel Family Rabbit, as Batman Beyond pulls the plug on Brother Eye.

Or will he?

They are still well ahead to change things. It’s not like there’s no precedent, the Comics Buyer’s Guide revealed that the identity of Monarch in Armageddon 2001, then the far future, was to be Captain Atom. So DC simply changed it, to Hawk.

So… will history repeat itself? After all, it is the future…

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