Swipe File: J Bone Vs Uncle Deadward

Posted by February 28, 2014 Comment

Accomplished cartoonist J Bone (currently seen drawing Saviors from Image) is currently fighting a certain Uncle Deadward (or Edward Wihnan) over what seems to be some pretty blatant swiping, which Uncle Deadward uses to sell t-shorts and apparel on his RedBubble site.

Swipe_Saviors Swipe_Comics Swipe_DraculaSwipe_NudeRear Swipe_FrankensteinDeadward Swipe_invisibleMan Swipe_mirror Swipe_Spidey

Since these came to light, Uncle Deadward seems to have been deleting these images without actually addressing what he’s been up to, as this changing Redbubble homepage shows, as well as removing his deviantART gallery.

d1 d2

Possibly the actions of someone with his hand caught in the till…?


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