Conspiracy! SkyWatcher 1 Is Coming To Homes Near You- and WhoIfNotUs Returns to Twitter

Conspiracy! SkyWatcher 1 Is Coming To Homes Near You- and WhoIfNotUs Returns to Twitter

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I made the crucial mistake of traveling to New Mexico this past week to present a research paper on Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT at a Pop Culture Conference. Well, the conference was great, but what I missed that was clearly of mind-blowing importance is that the actual Skywatcher 1 tried to reach me and must be a bit miffed by my slow mail silence. A package awaited me when I got home, and inside I found this:

Scan 1

A plain white envelope with my name written on caps on it. Having no idea what this could be, I opened it and found this:


And also in the package I found the first collected volume of Captain Midnight in its newer incarnation, and also the first collection of Ghost as well as X Volume One: Big Bad, all published by Dark Horse.  These must be the “documents” that SkyWatcher 1 is referring to in the letter.

photoAll in all, this Skywatcher 1 is a pretty savvy fellow because he knows I was following his conspiracy theorists’ blog earlier this autumn and quite curious about the phenomena that appeared to be linking together the Dark Horse superhero universe under a crossover banner known as Project Black Sky. Having fallen behind on the project of late, getting this letter felt like a bit of a reprimand and left me chagrined. After all, if this guy knows where I live, I better not let him down.

Hopping over to the blog “” he reminded me to check, I found that he had been busy on Twitter and found the following cryptic message, redacted from WhoIfNotUS:

DRK_01-WHOIFNOTUS_final.inddAnd his comments that the Sky Watchers Twitter account had been suspended, as we reported here on Bleeding Cool, but jumping over to Twitter, I find that the ban has been lifted, so SkyWatcher 1 and his compatriots can carry on their dissemination of information unhindered… Now, that’s a relief. At least someone is looking out for us ordinary folks.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 7.35.56 PM

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