Trailer For Kevin Eastman’s Animated Take On War Of The Worlds‏

It’s been a long time coming but the animated War of the Worlds movie, subtitled Goliath, is finally on its way to release. I’ve seen promotions for this film at three consecutive San Diego Comic Cons and it was in the works for a good while before even that.

The film has been executive produced by Heavy Metal and Ninja Turtle’s Kevin Eastman – that credit can mean so many different things but we’re probably safe at least taking it as an endorsement. The writer-director is Joe Pearson, a man with many years experience working layout on animated TV shows.


Well, the budgetary limitations are showing but anybody who can stomach quick-turnaround anime TV has seen far rougher animation. I’m certainly more than happy to give this a punt.

Judging from the title cards at the top of the trailer, Goliath is going to be available for download in the US and, as Live For Films pointed out UK viewers will at least be able to see the film on Sky.