A Pretty Good Look At The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Goblin

Toy Fairs are like petri dishes for spoilage. Here’s a video that shows, in quite some detail, the designs for a bust of The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s Goblin. This is Dane DeHaan‘s Harry Osborn in his alt. form.

You’ll see right away that there doesn’t seem to be a mask here. It looks like Osborn will be mutating. Looks like the Amazing series has not only gone from Bio webshooters to mechanical ones, it’s also reversed the Green Goblin status from mask to fleshy, disgusting mug.


Thanks to Badass Digest for the embed.

At least broadly speaking, this redesign makes sense, I think, in the context of the bigger backstory of genetic fiddling. The Amazing Spider-Man series is rewriting a lot of the details, bringing them in line and making them all connect to the same, central themes. I hope it’s been done cogently in this second film and the film’s subtext actually adds up to something worth all of these efforts.