Wondercon Tickets Go On Sale. And Are Still On Sale.

Wondercon Tickets Go On Sale. And Are Still On Sale.

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A recent episode of The Big Bang Theory (aka, The Show That Hates You) saw the compatriots fail to get tickets to San Diego Comic Con, despite some serious screen refreshing (the kind of thing you’re not meant to do). Alternatives mentioned such as WonderCon in Anaheim were just not enough. Indeed it got an audience laugh, as if such a place were intrinsically funny.

But why? For a start, tickets have just gone on sale online… and they are still on sale. And they will be by the time you’ve finished this article. Buying them is easy.


It’s that simple. Also, cheaper too. WonderCon is far more about the comics than anything else. Hotels are also cheaper and easier. There’s less of the looky loo and more of the “look, a cool new comic book I was previously unaware of.” They have great comics guests, (Jim Lee, Mark Waid, James Robinson, Gail Simone and more) brilliant and revelatory comic book panels, wonderful comic booths, it way not be the same spectacle of San Diego Comic Con but it’s a convention you can do without being overwhelmed.

Sheldon should love it. I bet he’s never actually been. Someone buy him a ticket.

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