When Dale Keown Finished That Image United Cover


And there is it. In June, we ran the story that a comic book fan was looking to recreate the planned Image United Interlude cover that went away along with the rest of the comic. By taking Ryan Ottley's original work and commissioning the planned artists to draw what they would have drawn. The only one missing was Dale Keown who wouldn't take private commissions, only at conventions. With the fan, Murch, didn't go to.

We sent out an appeal, but instead Murch told us he did it all by himself with a stroke of luck. He wrote on Bleeding Cool message boards that "a guy who lives in the same city as me and with whom I'd done a few art deals, just became Dale's art rep and was able to help organize things for me."Here are the different pieces of art, as it played out across the world…




iuinterludeallred iumychaels


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