Will Smith Won’t Be In The Independence Day Sequel, Michael B. Jordan Still In The Running‏


After some back and forth, it seems that Will Smith has opted to not return for the Independence Day sequel. Either that or the studio kicked his quote to the kerb – though every biased fibre of my body tells me it’s the former.

Instantly this project is going to be a good deal cheaper. But will that mean it’s also more profitable? Will Smith is one of just a few folk remaining that seem to have real box office draw. I dread to think what the takings for After Earth would have been without Smith involved.

Michael B. Jordan is apparently high on Fox’s wish list for the cast, and presumably in a leading role. He’s all but certain to appear in The Fantastic Four as Jonny Storm too, so the studio are obviously quite in love with him right now. And they’re far from the only ones.

Roland Emmerich is expected to get the Independence Day sequel rolling later this year though Jordan’s schedule may have some impact on this. I dare say Smith’s deliberations already did.