The Batman-Superman Film May Be Subtitled Fight Or Flight‏


Back in November, a series of URL registrations showed some of Warner Bros. thinking about something Batman and Superman related. Chances are, it was the film.

There were a string of possible titles, ranging from the pathetic, like Battle the Knight, to the preposterous, like Black of Knight.


Now Latino Review are adding just one more to the list, citing Mark Monitor, the URL registration company. If Warner Bros. really have just registered only one more candidate, it might seem reasonable to assume it’s a favoured option.

And to be honest, it’s not as bad as the older ones while still being off-putting.

The full title, if the report is leading us in the right direction, would be Man of Steel: Fight of Flight.

Well, that’s at least a moderately comfortable phrase and not all of the old contenders could say that.

And there’s at least a suggestion of opposing positions. Superman is Flight, Batman is Fight, maybe – and I have heard that Superman is going to throw a tantrum and hid away again, at least for a short while. Or maybe it’s more that Supes has to choose whether or not he’s going to stay and Fight or take Flight.

Or, you know, both. Maybe the title is going for “multilayered.”

It’s all a bit of a stretch and I’d probably feel less itchy about something like Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman or Superman and Batman Forever just because those are worn in and now almost invisible, the titling equivalent of “he said, she said.”