Gary Oldman Coughs To It: First Paparazzi Pictures Of The New Robocop Were Staged‏

robocop poster Let Gary Oldman tell you something that we already know – though, I admit, not specifically for sure in relation to this particular project.

He’s admitted that the first paparazzi pictures of the rebooted Robocop were staged. Speaking to Yahoo, Oldman explained the logic behind the subterfuge:

What happens is, you’ll get someone who will leak pictures, so it’s going to happen anyway… So, take a ‘paparazzi shot’, but at least of the suit at an angle that you like, so you can ‘leak’ your picture first, and have some control over it.

But why not release a nicer, more official image, properly colour-balanced and in crisp focus? Why not have full control rather than some control?

Well, I guess there’s two pretty likely reasons. One is that some fake pap snaps would be cheaper, I guess.

And the other is that there’s some in-built latitude for optimism or apology on the part of the onlookers. If the pics leave wriggle room for folks to say “Well, they’re just paparazzi pictures, I’ll wait until we see something more official” there’s some kind of safety net, maybe a way to spread out the online reaction a little.

Having seen Robocop now, in full – and more on that soon, I promise – I can tell you that the suit works rather well. I might have made all sorts of assumptions from the trailer, poster and paparazzi pictures, both real and leaked, but it was only until I saw the film in full that I really saw the breadth and depth of what the suit was going to be used to do in the full reach of the storytelling.

Robocop is in UK cinemas now and US cinemas from next Wednesday. It’s rather good.