Terry Dodson Changes Red Widow To Red Skin

RED_WIDOWA while ago, Bleeding Cool reported on Terry Dodson‘s new French graphic novel series, Red Widow.

Which, telling the story of a leather clad action adventure super-spy for the Russians with spider-based imagery did make me wonder if certain title and image trademarks might come into play.

Well it seems that m’learned friends have had their say. And Red Widow is now…

red skin2

And the black catsuit and spider imagery seems to have… faded.

red skin

See the full video here, as Glenat show off their comics for 2014. Jump to Red Skin fifteen minutes in if you want, there’s lots to see.

And here are a few images ripped from said video.

hs6s5 s1 s2 s3 s4
Les temps fort éditoriaux de Glénat en 2014 by GLENATBD


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