Lego Movie Looks Like A Smash So A Sequel Is Underway… With New Writers‏

the-lego-movie-poster There’s no doubt that The Lego Movie is going to be a profitable movie – it cost something like $60 million, and is tracking very, very well indeed. No wonder, then, that Warner Bros. have already made some hires on the sequel.

But according to The Wrap, the writers on Lego 2 aren’t the writers of Lego 1. Unless, of course, they are and they just aren’t credited for it. Comedy movies especially will tend to have small armies of unnamed contributors.

So maybe The Internship’s Jared Stern earned his Lego 2 gig with some sterling work on Lego 1. He has contributed to several animated films in the last few years without earning any real recognition for it.

Or maybe he didn’t.

It would be nice to hear that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are going to be involved, though. They’re the real reason the first film has turned out so well.

There is a second writer on Lego 2 it’s just that nobody knows who it is just yet. Stab in the dark guess? Phil Johnston?

Maybe we’ll find out who soon enough and also, hopefully, who the directors are going to be.

Anyway, The Lego Movie opens this weekend – on general release across the US from Friday, previewing across the UK on Saturday and Sunday before going wide on the 14th. Be excited.