Nathan Fox At The Superbowl

Nathan Fox‘s ads for the School of Visual Arts that ran on the New York subway were quite the hit. And now they’re looking further afield.Tako, the star of the ads has the ability to bring her drawings to life, using them to travel to fantastical places in her imagination. Now we find her right in the middle of the game on horseback, stealing the ball from a Bronco and a Sea Hawk, rocking out with Bruno Mars and Anthony Kiedis at halftime, and much more.I hope that made sense. I warn you, I am British.The series will be revealed in installments starting today through Sunday. And the final shot will go up in real-time, showing the winning mascot, beaten and bandaged, sharing her popcorn and holding up the Superbowl trophy.
Or possible the Superb Owl trophy. Not sure on the legality of things.1391198692tako003   1391198690tako001 1391198691tako0021391198692tako004 1391198693tako005 1391198723tako006 1391198724tako007 1391198724tako008 1391198725tako0091391198726tako010

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