Disney Planning A Live Action Chip ‘n Dale Movie And It’s Going To Be Rescue Rangers Flavoured

chip n daleI certainly enjoyed the Chip ‘n Dale shorts I’ve seen but I’ll have to admit, their late 80s TV revival with Rescue Rangers passed me by. I may have played a NES game for a couple of hours, maybe?

I’ll get my chance soon enough, it seems, as The Hollywood Reporter have learned of plans inside Disney for a new, live-action movie derived from the Rescue Rangers premise, or near enough.

The show saw Chip, the brains behind the pair, and Dale, the goofball, running a detective agency and helping animal clients… It is from Rescue Rangers that the new project would spring as it tells an origin story of sorts.

I wouldn’t be sure that “origin” necessarily means “Rescue Rangers” but that might just be fuzzy writing on THR’s part.

There’s no doubt that the success of Chipmunks films must have been considered while Disney were mulling this prospect. There’s a fourth Chipmunks film in production right now.

Ah well. The Chipmunk movies are a pretty low hurdle for Chip, Dale and their new director, Robert Rugan, to jump.

And talking of Rugan – and so we should, it’s on his shoulders to make something of this one – here’s a few of his commercials. Expect cute animals… but not necessarily in a child-friendly fashion, just yet.