Lego Announce Ghostbusters Set With Ecto-1, Coming Later This Year

Lego Announce Ghostbusters Set With Ecto-1, Coming Later This Year

Posted by January 30, 2014 Comment

The final release version of Lego’s Back to the Future Delorean didn’t quite match up to the original, user-submitted design from the Cuusoo initiative. At least, not to my eye – but we’re all nerds living in a world where Lego make Back to the Future kits so we shouldn’t grumble. Too much.

And now Lego’s 80s-nostalgia fan service is going to get another go around. The next Lego Cuusoo kit to go into development is a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 with some minifigs, presumably some Ghostbusters. I’m hoping all four, and Slimer wouldn’t go amiss either.

You’ll get a look at Brent Waller’s original design in this video around 1min and 50secs. And then, just after that, the host promises that the kit will be on shelves later this year and that the boxed kit will be based “largely” on Waller’s work.


Did you keep watching? If so, you’ll see that Sherlock, MacrossAdventure Time, Zelda and even another Delorean set are now being considered and could follow Ecto-1 into the marketplace. We’ll be hearing more about this in a quarter or so.

And it’s okay to want them all. It really is.

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